Orange Julius Fancyweed Seeds-Agent Orange marijuana seeds

Agent Orange (Block Head) X Keebler

We took our legendary blockhead cut of Agent Orange and let our Keebler male have his way with her! We had a hard time picking a keeper female out of this F-1 cross. These girls produce large tight buds covered in frost. The terpines are citrus and sweet. She is a very heavy yielder and easy to trim.


We were gifted a rare pheno of Agent Orange called a block head cut. We tested her to distinguish if in fact she was as represented. She was!! The buds were large and had a strong orange terpine profile. One draw back was the buds were somewhat spongy. Her bud size did not accurately represent the weight. We decided to cross her with our Cookies and Cream F-2 male. He was brother to our female Cookies and Cream F-2 we call Keebler Cookies. Keebler has extremely dense buds and we thought it was worth the effort to enlist his genetics into this girl.

The results were awesome. In fact we are now running a cut of this cross in production. We found a pheno in Orange Julius that just outstanding. Her buds were massive and covered in frost. Although the terpines did not have quite the intense orange smell, they still were incredible. She inherited some of the creaminess of Keebler Cookies. The density was also greatly improved.

Orange Julius is a plant any gardener would be proud to have in their garden. You will be the envy of many of your fellow gardeners as well.

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